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High above the sanctuary are 4 windows, 2 on each side that depict the 4 evangelists - S. Mathius, S. Marcus, S. Lucas, and S. Johannus

St. Matthew

St. Matthew or Mathius in Latin, was an Apostle of Jesus and writer of the First Gospel.  His original name was Levi and before becoming an Apostle he was a Roman tax collector.  St. Matthew is frequently represented as a winged man in art.

St. Matthew's Feast Day is September 21st.

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St. Mark

St. Mark or Marcus in Latin is the writer of the second Gospel and Disciple of St. Peter.  Martyred in 68 A. D.  St. Mark is usually represented as a winged lion.

St. Mark's Feast Day is April 25th.

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St. Luke

St. Luke or Lucas in Latin is the author of the third Gospel and a disciple of St. Paul.  He was born of pagan parents and became one of the earliest converts.  Luke was a physician and legend has it an artist who painted pictures of Jesus and Mary.  Luke is frequently represented as a winged ox.

St. Luke's Feast Day is October 18th

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St. John

St. John or Johannus in Latin.  Fourth gospel writer and apostle of Jesus.  John also wrote three epistles and is believed to have written the Book of Revelation.  Jesus entrusted the care of His mother to John as he was dying on the cross.  John is usually represented as an eagle. 

St. John's Feast Day is December 27th.

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