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  The reredos is a screen or altarpiece that rises on the wall behind the main altar.  This reredos was installed as part of the Cathedral renovation completed in 1982.  Parts of the original reredos were incorporated into this new massive reredos.  

The designers described it this way, "In providing an architectural background for the renovated sanctuary at St. Agnes Cathedral, the existing reredos was restored and recomposed to create a new majestic sculpture.  The overall design is meant to recall the Gothic architectural imagery one experiences from the exterior.  This concept carries out a redefined fashion that strongly supports the Gothic spirit which is the vernacular in this Cathedral.  An important feature of the reredos is the circular form in the center, articulated to evoke a rose window typical in most authentic Gothic cathedrals."  

A close-up reveals that the reredos is also embellished with carvings of the twelve apostles, religious symbols and details from the original reredos.  Among some of the new features is the Jerusalem Cross found at the base of the reredos.  The Jerusalem Cross can be traced to Charlemagne in the year 800 A.D.  It consists of 5 gold trimmed crosses.  In the center is a gallows cross with 4 small Greek crosses at the intersections.  Together, they represent the five wounds of Christ.  The pipes were added to either side as part of the 2001 pipe organ installation.

As part of the Renovation and Restoration of the Cathedral sanctuary completed in 2016, the reredos was refinished and returned to its original wood tones.  In addition the statues of the 12 apostles that line each side of the reredos were gilded.  Also, as part of the restoration work, the Cathedra which had been centered under the reredos was moved to the left side of the sanctuary and the Tabernacle was relocated to the center of the sanctuary under a newly constructed baldachin. 
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